Rev3 Sizzling Sprint is the last sprint race hosted by Rev3, and my last Sprint for 2017. I was hoping to have an improvement since May where the Salute Sprint was held and is the same course, plus it is nice to think that over the past couple of months I would improve in at least one of the events (at least just a little). Being the last race of the Rev3 Series, there was double pressure for me to get on the podium to protect my overall standing and try to win my Age Group division.

Race day morning started like every other morning this year with a quick bite to eat, arrive at the race location a couple hours before the start, then try to warm up to get my muscles ready to fire. I was able to ride the bike loop once on Saturday for my pre-race day workout and had no concerns navigating that section of the race. Therefor for my race-day warm-up I decided to bike the run route, and then did a quick solo jog to clear my head. In-between my warmup and the starting horn I was able to talk to a few racers in the morning including Speed Sherpa teammates, fellow AG racers, and new tri-friends that I have gained throughout the season.

Race Breakdown


I can’t really expand on the pool as it matches Salute. However, I am going to pat myself on the back as I made the wise decision to tell the 15y female swimmer that she should start in front of me. She took off! This meant I had nobody in front of me and I was faster than the person behind me… there was zero pressure from any other racer to mess with my head. I couldn’t ask for a better swim conditions, and my awesome (for me) average pace is the result.


Since I was able to ride the route on Saturday, I knew: when turns were coming, when road obstacles were approaching, when the “hills” would start/end and the gears I wanted to use. I didn’t have any cars in my way this morning unlike Salute, and was picking off riders one by one. I felt free, alive, and was flying.

Strava Bike Activity


Last week I received a bike challenge from Coach Josh, but this week was a run challenge! Hit the 5k w/ a sub 7:00m pace! I knew this was going to be hard, again I was familiar with the route, plus I used it for my warm-up earlier. I wasn’t sure if I were going to achieve that challenge, but when I crossed the finish line I was happy knowing that pushed myself.

Strava Run Activity

Post Race Thoughts

So there it is… the end of the 2017 Sprint season for me, which means I don’t know if this site is going to be updated very much for the rest of this year. I’m working on a longer race in October, but technically I haven’t paid for the event so I need to get that minor detailed cleared.

As for the race results, I was able to secure 2nd place again due to a ringer who “never raced a pool swim before”. Thanks buddy for “trying” it out today. I still had a blast, and overall beat my time from a couple of months ago in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY: Swim (7s), T1 (11s), Bike (29s), T2 (1s), Run (27s). Not only did I improve overall, but I was also able to accomplish my Coach’s challenge of hitting a 6:58s average pace on the run!

And as for the first Rev3 Series results I was able to keep my standings and achieved a 1st place in my Age Group. Really glad things worked out with adding Williamsburg at the last minute, and then raced again one week later. I’m not sure if I’ll do the whole Series again next year… but anytime that I’m looking for a fun local sprint, Rev3 is where I’ll be looking first.

Race Results


  • Overall: Placed 12th out of 190 (top 6%).
  • Gender: Placed 9th out of 99 (top 10%).
  • Male 40-44: Placed 2nd out of 13

Among the Male 40-44 category there were 13 athletes.

  • Swim: Ranked 4th
  • Bike: Ranked 1st
  • Run: Ranked 3rd

Updated 2017-07-18 (Race Photos)


Sizzling Sprint 300m Swim T1 12.4 Mile Bike T2 5k Run Total
Goal Times1 5:40 1:36 34:24 0:41 21:58 1:04:19
Actual Times2 5:33 1:25 33:55 0:40 21:31 1:03:02


  1. Goal Times were based on beating Salute this year 

  2. Official Race Results available at Sizzling Results page

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