On Sunday I completed my first Century (100 mile) ride! Just one more step closer to getting ready for my long race this October, but has boosted my confidence that I may actually complete the race and not fall over from physical exhaustion.

Anyone in the Northern Virginia area who is looking to achieve a long ride (32, 69, or 100 miles) I would highly recommend looking into Reston Bike Club annual Century ride. The support crew was AMAZING as we had a guided route that included a rest stop every 20 miles (on average) so you could refill bottles, grab snacks, or complete a bio break. Printed and GPS cue sheets were also available which was GREATLY appreciated (and worked flawlessly on my Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT).

Pictures of the different rest stop areas

As for the ride, I was able to see different parts of Virginia that I havenโ€™t seen before on my usual routes. I was also able to see the infamous โ€œTaylorstownโ€ hill which is on average 5% incline over 1.6 miles, however, at some spots the incline is really steep at +10%. That hill was then followed by another called โ€œStumptownโ€ which was another 1.6 mile ascent with an average of 3% incline, but peaked at 12%! Doing this on a Triathlon bike, which usually doesnโ€™t have the larger gears on the rear cassette, makes both of these hills a grueling endeavor.

Relive Video

Strava Ride Activity

Such a great ride with these friends!

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