This race report will be quick, as it should for a Sprint Triathlon!

This is the second week of September, and this is the second and last race of the year. I had some big ideas with Racing Xterra and trying to do a local long-distance event, but things just didn’t work for 2019. So what better way to have fun than return to some of the beginning races and see how things have changed. Last week throwback race was Reston Olympic, and this week was it was Try It Now’s 14.06 (1/10th Ironman). I had done this race twice before back in 2013 and 2014, but that was before I started to do race reports.

Race Breakdown


Pool swim. Nothing exciting when describing a pool swim, other than one unique item about the 14.06 race is each pool lane is one way. In a couple of other races with a pool swim, there are simply not enough lanes to accommodate so many athletes going in one direction of a lane simply because the pool is not big enough. Fortunately, the Freedom Center as a LOT of lanes! This is important as the risk of accidentally hitting someone is reduced when everyone is going in the same direction. Perfect, for someone’s first triathlon.


Another great feature with TIN’s The 14.06 is the closed course bike route. Unfortunately, having a closed course also means there are u-turns as you can’t close down an entire area from cars. There five u-turns on the first loop, and then four u-turns for the second and third loop. On the bright side, any family or friends will be able to see you several times in very “quick” spurts making it slightly better from a spectator point of view.

Strava Ride Activity


The run is a flat route with a mix of sidewalk and a little bit of trail. The trail is not technically difficult at all, so fast runners should be able to fly through this section assuming you have not blown up your legs on the bike segment.

Strava Run Activity

Post Race Thoughts

And there you go. No more race reports for 2019, but I am already looking forward to 2020 to do another throwback race, and then retrying my attempt at a long course event in October.

Race Results


  • Overall: Placed 7th out of 101 (top 7%).
  • Gender: Placed 7th out of 50 (top 13%).
  • Male 40-44: Placed 1st out of 8 (excluding the one overall winer)

Among the Male 40-44 category there were eight athletes.

  • Swim: Ranked 1st
  • Bike: Ranked 1st
  • Run: Ranked 1st

Race Photos by Chelle Folts Winslow Photography


EVENT Sprint 425y Swim T1 11.2 Mi Bike T2 2.6 M Run Total
2013 Times1 9:12 2:01 27:40 0:59 15:25 55:16
2014 Times2 8:07 1:07 32:48 0:47 18:49 1:01:36
Goal Times 7:15 1:00 29:00 1:00 22:00 1:00:15
Actual Times3 7:23 1:06 28.48 0:40 21:50 59:47


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