For my fifth year in a row, I’ll be presenting at Macworld MacIT conference in January of 2013! I’ll be presenting on two topics this year:

Thursday Jan 31st, from 10:20am - 11:05am

IT801: What has changed with Mountain Lion Server

Discussion Topic

This is your session to find out about OS X Mountain Lion server! Find out what is different after services moved from Server Admin to Which Services are new, and which ones have disappeared!

I hope to expand on items that I have already written about on this site, to an audience that is getting ready to update their servers to Mt Lion. Change will happen, its always better when you are prepared.

Thursday Jan 31st, from 11:55am - 12:40pm

IT814: Mountain Lion Security for The System Administrator

Discussion Topic

With the release of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, Apple has introduced new elements that allow it’s users to better control the security (and privacy) of their favorite operating system. As System Administrators, new challenges have emerged to ensure the environment that we manage is safe and secure, plus have the ability to document our efforts.

This one I’m really excited about. We’ll be discussing what Apple has done in terms of security on OS X, and how this helps system administrators, along with what can you do to control these elements! Also, I’ll be presenting for the first time with long time colleague Steve Leebove of MacResecue. If you have any specific questions that you want me to cover, please comment now. I’ll be working on my slides starting the first of December.

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