Over the past week I’ve been fighting an infection that was draining all of my energy, rendering me incapable of working out1. This left me with some extra time on my hands to address that this site design has become boring to me and drastically needed a makeover! While reviewing different templates for the Jekyll static site generator, I eventually returned to the awesome page designer Michael Rose for his new Minimal Mistakes Theme.

Migrating my articles from the old template to the new template was completed in a couple of hours, but then the obsessive compulsive detailed oriented aspects of a site redesign became overwhelming and took a couple more nights to complete the final touches that would make it worthy for viewing by the two people that actually look at this site2. Everything functions as expected, but there still may be some formatting issues on a couple of articles that need to be corrected, in addition some article YAML changes to ensure that tags and categories are working.

I know this is not really interesting, but I hope the site change will inspire some new content outside of race reports.


  1. Not being able to exercise should be a good thing during the triathlon off-season, but it seems more detrimental to my mind and general wellbeing than expected. 

  2. Thanks Mom and Dad! 

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