Over the weekend my parents decided drive the 600+ miles to visit us in Virginia. When my parents do make the trip, we usually visit one new tourist attraction and one new winery to serve as subtle reminder that if they moved out to the east coast we could make these types of events more frequent than once a year1. This year my parents requested a little trail walking as “Family Hiking Day 2016” was scheduled during the same weekend they were visiting us, and they have a goal to walk all of the Appalachian Trail (or at least in all states). We found the closest advertised event, which happened to be Harpers Ferry, WV. We had a great day of hiking, being tourists in the downtown area, and visiting Camp Hill. It was an excellent way to spend the day with family and the outdoors.

While wondering around I took these pictures with my iPhone and felt like sharing.

Harpers Ferry Picture 1 Harpers Ferry Picture 4 Harpers Ferry Picture 6
Harpers Ferry Picture 2 Harpers Ferry Picture 5


  1. They still haven’t moved, but we’ll continue to try. 

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