After last week’s poor swim performance at Jamestown International, I decided I need more opportunities for Open Water Swim (OWS) to get out of this head funk I have for swimming. Fortunately there was another race this weekend, the Rev3 Montclair Sprint! This was a good race to participate for two reasons:

  • The event was close to our home which eliminated any need for a hotel stay or any extra time away from the family as this was a last minute decision.
  • It was a short Sprint distance (750 meter swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run) so it wouldn’t take too much time away from any planned Father’s Day activities.

The main goal of this race was fun! So, no post-race thoughts… no section-by-section analysis, just confirmation that I went out and did a OWS in a lake with no wetsuit and didn’t hate (all) of it. Plus, I was able to spend some great face-to-face time with teammates that I haven’t seen since our Sherpa Virginia Training Camp.

Last but not least, I had a pretty awesome private cheering section.


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