Can you believe your eyes?! Yes a Race Report! First one in almost two years, as the last time I wrote anything was in 2019 for the TIN 14.06 Sprint! I wish this race report was full of accolades and show how wonderful I did maintaining my health over such a long period of time, but my performance was the result of what my body can do at this time. 100%… I did the best that I could do on race day and it was terrible.

Life Background (where I fell apart)

February 2020 I was looking forward to a new race season, unsure of which I would participate in, but knew I needed to start working in pushing those WATTS on the bike. I was doing a on/off thresholds at FTP trainer session in the basement when my chain stuck to the rear hanger… which then PROPELLED ITSELF INTO MY CARBON FIBER FRAME. I can never ride my Tri bike outside again. NEVER! It is no longer safe with the carbon structure compromised… the day my baby died.


Motivation was at an all time low as I couldn’t swim because the pools had closed, couldn’t race without having to buy a new bike, and started working on the basement to get it finished (since I was living there all the time for work). I was also having some health issues so I decided to get that taken care of at the begging of this year, which gave me more reason to not exercise. I restarted workouts around mid-to-late April with all endurance lost, all my strength lost, and gained about 20 lbs.

Race Breakdown

Now you know WHY I did so terrible, lets talk about the actual race. This is the first time I participated in an event at Luray, but I knew from other people that Luray’s route was hilly. This is a Duathlon which was setup for a 1.7 mi trail run, 41 km bike, then a 10 km run.

Run 1

The trail run was great! It started with a quick climb on rock gravel then around the lake and into the trails. The trails were very technical where you needed to stop and make sure you had correct foot placement or else suffer falling over or worse a sprain/broken ankle. Some of the tree roots were eroding away making it more difficult as you navigated the narrow single track. We ran around the entire lake, which finally reconnected with the triathletes at the swim exit. A fun 5-star, fast, and technical trail route that I finished somewhat quickly and is the only thing I did well that day.


Remember I no longer have a street safe triathlon bike (I still use it in the basement on the trainer for indoor workouts) so for the race I had to bring out my old road bike (Red Barron) which was recently upgraded from a 10-speed to an 11-speed with a large 32 tooth gear in the back for climbing. I thought my ideal race pace would be to hold 175 W throughout the bike course which would be 85% of my FTP. Unfortunately I have NOT done a single ride grater than one hour and I was about to complete a 40 km ride which I thought would take about 90 minutes.

My estimate was close, I was actually 180 W for the entire ride and it took me 1:34:31, yet I fell apart pushing that ride. Both legs began to cramp. My arch in my left foot cramped (no idea why) which required me to unclip and shake out. For the last climb I had to drop to that 32 tooth cassette but it was terrible as I was going so slow I thought I would tip over, but I couldn’t stand up and try to climb my way up the hill as my leg cramps wouldn’t allow the balance.

I was a mess, the bike segment killed me.

Run 2

Happy to get off the bike, I started the run but again my legs were dead. I realized I wasn’t going to catch up to get third place… so I resorted to “Walk UP; Run DOWN” run plan. The hills were long and moral was low. I wasn’t going to give up as I’m only going 10km… but my body can’t keep up with what my mind thinks is possible. The rolling hills punished me, one after the other.

Post Race Thoughts

The race was not a friendly race for someone restarting their exercise routines. In my head I know what I am capable of and this is NOT representative of something to be proud of. But, it is the first race of 2021… no idea if there will be another this year… but I do enjoy the adventure so I look forward to the next event!

Race Results


  • Overall: Placed 21st out of 31 (bottom third).
  • Gender: Placed 18th out of 23 (bottom fifth).
  • Male 45-49: Placed 4th out of 5

Race Photos


EVENT Sprint 1.7mi Run T1 41km Bike T2 10km Run Total
Goal Times 15:00 1:15 1:30:00 1:15 55:00 2:42:30
Actual Times 13:51 1:03 1:35:02 1:03 1:13:36 3:04:32


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