Not really a race report, more of just letting people know I am still functioning after Ironman Louisville (IMLOU) and that I’m out having fun! Trying to get outside to enjoy the lovely Virginia trails during the fall season, now that the fall foliage is in full effect and I don’t have to worry about getting injured and jeopardizing my “A race”.

This year EX2 Adventures is hosting “Fall Backyard Burn Trail Running Series” which consists of five running races all around the Northern Virginia area. I have never ran at Riverbend before, so the location and terrain was completely new. Normally I would like to scout the area so I have a decent understanding of what I’ll have to endure (hills, single track obstacles like tree roots, or rocks) by taking my bike around the loop at least once, however, the forecast predicted rain so I didn’t bring my bike as to not disturb the trail.

Overall the 5 mile loop was fun. There were four challenging hills during the loop which really took a toll against my body the second time around. I didn’t expect to podium in my age group, and I didn’t! But who cares, I was able to get back into the woods.

Strava Run Activity

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