For the past few months during the triathlon off-season, I’ve been drawn to running and biking outdoors in trails around the area to just “have fun”. I knew I needed a break from racing and simply enjoying being outside, and the time I’ve spent since the purchase of my new 2016 Scott Scale 930 Mountain Bike has made me feel like a kid again as if I was riding through the neighborhood “dirt trails” exploring new areas that have yet been charted (at least before they were destroyed for new home development). It seems to me I have a new calling to be out in the woods, so you are going to see a lot more of trail Ride / Run (Xterra) posts for 2017.

But today… it’s New Years Day! What better way to spend the time than with a little run in the woods with friends and family. Somehow I was able to convince the entire family to join me out in the woods to participate in Rev 3 Adventure Adventure Enablers - 2017 Resolution Trail Run. There were three distance options to choose from: 10k, 5k, and 1-Mile Fun Run. The whole family had a blast. I wish I could have seen Colleen and the boys take off for their 1-Mile run as the photographs tell the story their group had the best time.

As for my performance, I did well for not training and eating too much junk food the past couple of months. I’ve ridden Conway Robinson State Forest Park a couple of times on my mountain bike, so I was familiar with the trail and knew where it would be technical for foot placement along where some slick wet/mud areas would show up. I was doing well until the 2.5 mile mark where there is a continuous uphill climb that caught me by surprise, thus I didn’t adjust my stride like I should have and peaked really high on my heart rate at 186 bpm.

Hopefully throughout the year I’ll be able to convince them to join me in other outdoor “adventures”.

Race Results

5k Rankings

  • Overall: Placed 6th out of 97
  • Gender: Placed 6th out of 34
  • Male 36-56: Placed 2nd out of 10

Race Results details are now available, and more pictures can be seen on flickr from the fantastic photographers at the race.

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