Some of you may have seen on either Twitter or IRC that my consulting company and I parted ways at the end of February. It has taken me six weeks to find new employment and I’m very excited about the new things I’ll be doing with Akamai Technologies. However, this is now the end of my Apple focused career as I’ll be managing technical projects for Akamai’s clients vs. training/mentoring how to manage machines. I’m not really sure where this leaves my site. I don’t plan on deleting any content, however, I know I won’t be a leading expert on Apple as I won’t be fully emerged into the Apple ecosystem. I hope there is new material that I’ll be able to gain knowledge and share, but still being compliant with Akamaiu’s strict written social media policy (not that keeping an NDA is difficult having relations with Apple for the past ten years, just stating the fact).

With that, here is to new adventures!

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