I have had intentions for some time on using my site for something other than announcements of Macworld/MacTech sessions, photographs while traveling for my job, and a simple resume placeholder. Now that WWDC 2011 is over and Apple has announced that Lion will be released in July with iOS 5 coming “this fall”, it seems the perfect time to start sharing knowledge with anyone who cares (my guess a total of five… maybe six people). Note: I will not violate my NDA with Apple. I know there are plenty of other technical (and rumor) sites that are going to be first in releasing information of what is new or “how to” articles, but that is their choice… and that blatant disregard of an agreement is not for me.

My plan for these articles will follow the pattern of:

  1. Foundation: Describe what will be coming up in the next segment of articles giving a brief of any applicable technology
  2. Preparation: Background processes or anything necessary to achieve future articles (this may be optional)
  3. How To: OSX Lion (and server)
  4. How To: iOS 5

Once Lion is available to the public, I’ll being posting articles with screenshots and bonus movies (hosted via Vimeo for HTML5 streaming and security control concerns). I assume this will be the main section of interest for most people reading these articles, but the previous two sections are needed to be posted prior to any “How To” article to ensure the baseline and fundamentals have been established thus easily referenced within each “How To” (I apologies in advance if they seem basic or nothing new). The last item I want to note is since Lion is so close in being publicly released, I might as well wait till it is available vs. doing any screenshots/video with Snow Leopard. So I won’t be posting any “How to”s anytime soon, but I do hope to start publishing my baselines immediately.

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