This is a much delayed postmortem race report after noticing that I did publish an article about the Berryman race in 2013, I should only do the same service to The Perfect 10 Rogaine in 2014! Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Berryman 2014 race due to scheduling conflict, however, I was able to once again reunite with by Brother-in-law Shawn as team “Roadkill” and try a new race The Perfect 10 Rogaine!

The objective of The Perfect 10 Rogaine is to find as many checkpoints within the 10 hour limit by foot ONLY (vs. the Run, Bike, Canoe of the Berryman races). This year The Perfect 10 Rogaine was hosted in Lake of the Ozarks State Park in Ozarks, MO.

I’m not sure which was harder, the 14 hr Berryman from 2013 or 9 hour Rogaine because the Rogaine is ALL RUNNING. My feet have never felt so destroyed after any sort of activity as they did after the Rogaine. Plus, this is not “pounding pavement” type of running, were going up and down the side of mountains trying to find these checkpoints in order to gain points. I’m still surprised that the mantra of “protect your feet” always comes to mind after I’ve already am injured and notice that I don’t have the right shoes. In this case, I was using an one year old pair of running shoes that I used for the 2013 triathlon season… and those are the perfect example of the wrong shoes! What I should be using was a good trail shoe.

In the end we were able to acquire 580 points out of a possible 1300 by traveling over 22 miles around the Ozarks. Nobody cleared the course, even though one person did get 1200 points! We did a little lost between miles 14-15, but everything is pretty accurate from my Timex TGT watch.

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