It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any photography pictures as lately I’ve been traveling without my DSLR. These photos were taken with my iPhone 4s because they were completely unique I HAD to pull over and snap a couple of pictures.

The windmills pictures were from Spearville, OK, which is host to a GIANT wind farm that “has expanded to 99 turbines that produce 148.5 megawatts producing enough electrical energy to supply 48,761 homes. The wind farm annually provides $519,000 to Ford County and $244,000 to our local school district”.

The “other” pictures (and I say other b/c there is simply no description for these images) were taken in Mullinville, OK of the “Kanza Art Studio”. I didn’t have enough time to truly explore and enjoy these metal art sculptures… but I needed to document just in case I (or anyone who reads this page) happen to be close to Dodge City, OK it is a MUST to stop and enjoy the beauty and humor in these sculptures.

Lastly, while “getting out of Dodge” (couldn’t resist) driving towards the Wichita airport I drove past the “Pink Fire Trucks” caravan. See their page for future locations and their mission.

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